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I feel stupid - but I know it won't last for long
I've been guessing - I coulda been guessin' wrong
you don't know me now
I kinda thought that you should somehow
does that whole mad season got ya down

I feel stupid but it's something that comes and goes
I've been changin' - think it's funny how no one knows
we don't talk about - the little things that we do without
when that whole mad season comes around

so why ya gotta stand there
looking like the answer now
it seems to me - you'd come around
I need you now
do you think you can cope
you figured me out - I'm lost and I'm hopeless
bleeding and broken - though I've never spoken
I come undone - in this mad season

I feel stupid - but I think I been catchin' on
I feel ugly - but I know I still turn you on
you seem colder now, torn apart, angry, turned around
will that whole mad season knock you down

so are you gonna stand there
are you gonna help me out
you need to be together now - I need you now

now I'm cryin' - isn't that what you want
I'm tryin' to live my life on my own
but i won't
at times - I do believe I am strong
so someone tell me why, why, why
do I feel stupid
and I came undone

--Mad Season, Matchbox Twenty

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::Scuttles off into the night::

Date: 2005-01-29 10:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] quatredeathlady.livejournal.com
::adds you back!:: Yay! Now we're all happy! XD


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